Payment data is the next revolution!

We revolutionize customer marketing by extracting value from transaction data:

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Channel agnosticism

Independent from purchasing channel

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Relevant data

It is linked to what consumers have actually bought, as opposed to what consumers have been browsing

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It has greater value over time

It all starts with banks

PayLead reconnects banks with their customers by sharing personalized & exclusive offers funded by merchants.

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Add value

Get advantage over competitors in the form of exclusive offers for your account holders.

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Increase brand loyalty

Strenghten the relationship with clients thanks to a tailored customer centric marketing solution.

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Monetize purchase data

Leverage customers purchase data to generate more revenues.

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Transaction data become a physical cookie for merchants

Merchants directly offer personalized deals to customers, targeted on both demographics and purchase historic data, gleaned directly from bank partners.

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Reach the right customers

Broadcast offers based on purchase profiles and spot the right customers!

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Advertise for free

No need to evaluate, pay for, or manage advertising. Simply deliver across all platforms provided by the bank.

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Understand your customers

Access unique, real-time consumer spending analytics and make informed decisions based on them.

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For the consumer, the key is simplicity

Upon receiving the notification from the bank – via email or directly in the mobile app – all the user has to do is accept the deal.

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Increase purchasing power

Receive only offers that are relevant and meaningful to you.

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Just swipe your card

Offers are tied directly to a credit card you’re already using - there are no coupons or special codes.

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Get rewarded

Notifications immediately confirms the redemptions, and credits appear on your card statements within days.

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All card purchases are tracked anonymously

Paylead will target users based on their spending behavior. And really, just the spending behavior – we don’t need to pull any personally identifiable information but how and where consumers like to spend in order to start sending them offers.

Artificial intelligence

Paylead AI engine ensures your customers receive highly personalized offers

Paylead’s advanced AI engine analyzes customer transaction history, engagement data, demographics and other customer data to help deliver highly personalized and relevant offers to your customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Paylead AI engine helps merchants to define the most efficient targeted offer

At Paylead, thanks to AI engine, we help merchants set the best loyalty offers according to their goals! Merchants must focus on their core business.