We fuel retail banking new economy through intelligent reward programs.

Create new purchase experiences for your customers through top brands reward offers, whilst developing a new revenue stream.

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PayLead offers loyalty program management solutions allowing banking players to:


Improve your NPS score.

Create tangible value for your clients through a personalized loyalty program that will significantly improve your NPS.


Attract new customers.

Quickly and easily gain new audiences by partnering with affinity love brands.


Create recurring revenue.

Develop a new revenue stream by earning commissions on reward paid to your customers, and initiate partnership with major retail companies.


Maximize your credit and debit cards usage.

Increase your credit card spend significantly, get top-of-wallet positions from initially less active customers.

Works off the shelf

Contact us. We take care of the rest.


Plug & Play.

Thanks to our API(s) and its documentation, integration is fast and seamless.


Complete solution.

Through API(s) and SaaS interfaces, PayLead manages everything for you to run an attractive and efficient loyalty program.


Secure & Compliant.

We do not have access to sensitive information and we work with certified security partners.


See how much you could be making.

Your part
End-user reward
+ consumers loyalty
+ enhanced banking experience
+ easier acquisition
+ more spend
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Reliable solution with proven results.

Ce qu'il y a de très fort avec l'ALO®, c'est que la technologie se situe au niveau du compte bancaire et non plus uniquement du moyen de paiement. C'est crucial dans un contexte bancaire en pleine révolution, aussi bien pour des raisons réglementaires et technologiques que pour des raisons d'usage et c'est ce qui fait l'intérêt des technologies développées par PayLead. Xavier Vaslin Head of Paiement Lab

Adding loyalty significantly increases card spending.

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